Nuts & Bolts - Travel Expenses

Daily Expenses

This is what we spent each day in each country, including accommodations, food, transportation, internet, phone calls, souvenirs, various clothing and supplies.

Country Cost per day: Comments
Traveling the US on a tight budget in a car is tough. We camped, ate cheap groceries, stayed with family - and still spent more than any other country so far. Filling our car with gas as we drove across the country consumed a lot of the cash.
Staying at two-star hotels and eating out, mainly at street stalls and cheap restaurants.
$39 Stayed at two-star hotels, ate out out and drank plenty of the local brew (bia hoi). We took numerous all inclusive guided tours which are widely available and the easiest and most economical way to see the country (although maybe not the best way?) Vietnam is a great overall bargain, especially if you like cheap books and CDs and don't mind violating copyright laws.
$41 Stayed at two-star hotels and ate out. The monuments and museums are expensive here (Angkor Wat three day pass costs $40 pp) and the food is surprisingly expensive by SE Asian standards.
$35 Stayed at two/three star hotels and ate out a lot - Thai food is our favorite yet so we ate to our hearts content. All of N. Thailand is a great bargain, the islands are more expensive than the rest of the country (especially during Dec-March), but overall this is an incredibly easy and economical country to visit.
$23 We thought Vietnam was a bargain but Myanmar blew it away in the best bargain category. We stayed at two-star hotels and ate at simple restaurants (the only kind available in Myanmar) but we also spent more on souvenirs here than anywhere else. If you're tempted by western food and comforts (like we sometimes are) and tend to spend money on these luxuries, you'll save money in Myanmar because they aren't really available here.
Laos $12 Nigel traveled here alone, so this is a budget for one person (who likes to drink beer). For two it would probably only add another $5 per day or so. Rooms are particularly cheap, though food and transport are also good value.
Malaysia $44  
Singapore $77  
Egypt $38  


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