The Weekly Updates

Closer to a journal, the weekly update pages keep you abreast of just what's happened in our neck of the woods - whether that neck be on a boat on the Yangtze or a horse cart in the Shan state. Sometimes curt, sometimes rambling these entries serve as a record of what we did on each of our days around the world.

Week 1 through 19

Week 1: Beijing, China
Monday 09/24/01 - Sunday 09/30/01
Very short synopsis of sights seen in China's #1 city

Week 2: Beijing to Luoyang (via X'ian)
10/01/01 - Sunday 10/07/01
Forbidden City and Terra-cotta Warriors in a week, plus Tianjin and a bad night's rest in Luoyang

Week 3: Shaolin to Chengdu (via the Yangtze)
Monday 10/08/01 - Sunday 10/14/01
The birthplace of Kung Fu, the doomed towns on the Yangtze river and on to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province

Week 4: Chengdu to Lijiang (via Emei Shan)
Monday 10/15/01 - Sunday 10/21/01
Panda bears, giant Buddhas, Holy mountains and traditional towns

Week 5: Lijiang to Kaili (via Dali)
Monday 10/22/01 - Sunday 10/28/01
More of Yunnan's fauna and flora, Shilin stone forest and a whole gaggle of rain

Week 6: Kaili to Yangshuo (via tiny towns)
Monday 10/29/01 - Sunday 11/04/01
Back in time through one of China's poorest provinces to Yangshuo, China's backpacker mecca

Week 7: Yangshuo to Hong Kong (via Guangzhou)
Monday 11/05/01 - Sunday 11/11/01
A week of gluttony after illnesses pass and on to Hong Kong via the Quingping market in Guangzhou

Week 8: Hong Kong and Macao
Monday 11/12/01 - Sunday 11/19/01
Gaping at the glitz of Hong Kong and reveling in the culture of Macao

Week 9: Hong Kong to Bac Ha, Vietnam (via Hanoi)
Monday 11/19/01 - Sunday 11/25/01
We bid farewell to China and arrive in country No.2. Fall in love with Hanoi and travel to the Northern highlands

Week 10: Hanoi to Hue (via Halong Bay)
Monday 11/26/01 - Sunday 12/02/01
A tour through popular Halong Bay and our first train takes us to the old Imperial seat of power

Week 11: Hue to Hoi An
Monday 12/03/01 - Sunday 12/09/01
Exploring Hue and it's surrounding tombs, touring the demilitarized zone and on to the tailoring capital of SE Asia

Week 12: Hoi An to Dalat (via Saigon)
Monday 12/10/01 - Sunday 12/16/01
Ho Chi Minh city traffic almost drives us nuts so we motorcycle to the central highlands

Week 13: Mui Ne, Vietnam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (via Mekong Delta)
Monday 12/17/01 - Sunday 12/23/01
We finish the motorcycle trip with sunstroke, head back to the city before hitting Vietnam's rice bowl. On to Cambodia!

Week 14: Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh(via Kampot)
Monday 12/24/01 - Sunday 12/30/01
We trade the dust of the city for the sand of the beach and spend Christmas day working on the perfect tan. Bokor hill station haunts us and Kep almost kills us.

Week 15: Phnom Penh to Siem Riep
Monday 12/31/01 - Sunday 01/06/02
A quiet New Year's followed by a quiet few days recovering and it is off to Siem Riep for the temples at Angkor.

Week 16: Siem Riep, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand
Monday 01/07/02 - Sunday 01/13/02
Temples temples and more temples. We bid adieu to our beloved camera and adios to Cambodia, it's on to Bangkok and the first world. - unfinished

Week 17: Bangkok, Thailand
Monday 01/14/02 - Sunday 01/20/02
A very dull week in the City of Angels (yes, it is possible) ~ Traveling Armchair sits still (yes, we still remember how). - unfinished

Week 18 Yangon, Myanmar to Pyin oo Lwin (via Mandalay)
Monday 01/21/02 - Sunday 01/27/02
We are overwhelmed by the friendliness of Myanmar and revel in the mixtures of cultures we find from the colonial buildings of Yangon to the chilly rough and tumble Pyin oo Lwin - unfinished

Week 19 Pyin oo Lwin to
Monday 01/28/02 - Sunday 02/03/02
- unfinished

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