Going to Extremes in a Temperate Land

Being the tale of our intrepid hero's 500 mile traverse of merry ole England.

My accent had become Americanized; I didn't know the difference between Suffolk and Sussex; I wasn't obsessed with the weather; and I was woefully out of touch with Beckam's latest hairstyle. In short, after half my lifetime away, I had begun to feel like a pretender when I told people I was English.

In the summer of 2002 I spent two months in the land of my birth trying to find my inner Englishman and in an act of eccentricity typical to that race, I sought him by walking across the widest part of England from Lands End to Lowestoft. The following is a work in progress.


Part 1 : Lands End to the Lizard

Part 2 : Helston to Avebury

Part 3 : The Ridgeway and the Icknield Way

Part 4 : Thetford to Lowestoft







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