Tasteless Tale no.1


Sometimes travel can be a little colorful and so can our descriptions. This tale is not meant to offend but rather to convey some of the less subtle sides of our trip. If in doubt just avoid this one, the next one is probably better anyway.

from : room 404, hotel name unknown. Wushan, Hubei Province. China

I thought that potatoes were a safe bet on my delicate stomach, but dinner didn't agree and I am spending some...what is the opposite of quality?... time with our bathroom. The bowl beneath the toilet tank catches the overflowing water that cascades out every time we flush. The one in the bath has a purpose as yet undiscovered. Water everywhere in fact except in the toilet bowl, just an ominous hole where most of the flushing water disappears. Every so often then, a breeze of enormous stench magnitude brushes past my buttocks, through my legs and into my now wretching face. It seems that all the toilets here are linked as they would be in any hotel, but without the water we are occasionally treated to the output of gaggles of Chinese guests who have been eating the same kind of food as me. $6 may get you a hell of a view but it won't buy you much of a bathroom. The rats don't seem to mind though.

~ Nigel



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