See Beautiful Wushan before it's too late!

To those of you who have not yet heard the musical name Wushan, a town nestled on the banks of the beautiful Yangtze river, we say "Good fortune!" There is still time to reach this place locals call 'China's most kept secret' before it is gone forever.

Once the Three Gorges dam project enters the third stage in 2009, this little Shangri La will be forever submerged beneath the pristine waters of a reservoir so great, 2 million people have already moved to be on it's future banks. Why Wushan? Why have you never heard of it? Perhaps the playboys of the "Yangtze Riviera" feel tourism is the fitting swan song for this oasis. Perhaps the imminent destruction has made the titans of Chinese business willing to share what was once their exclusive playground. Whatever the reasons, Wushan is THE hot destination for 2002 and the following all-inclusive 3-day tour is filling up fast. Book Now!

DAY 1: Gliding in style on your choice of luxurious western liner 'Blue Whale' or romantic traditional Chinese vessel, 'Little Sparrow' you will be transported through the world renowned Three Gorges and into another world. A night aboard ship will have all saying "This is one hell of a way to travel!"

the Blue Whale
the Little Sparrow

DAY 2: Docking at the state of the art pier in Wushan, you will be welcomed by the region's top guide, Madame Wu and the bellhop Tony who will convey you and your luggage in utmost luxury to your hotel. While Tony unloads your bags, Madame Wu, along with Mr. Wong Pu, an American educated translator well versed in local anthropology, will update you on possible activities available. One possible side trip is to a nearby traditional mountain village untouched by civilization. One satisfied guest summed up the trip perfectly; "I never expected anything like this ... it's incredible to think that in 2001, people still live like this."

your hotel
Mr.Wong Pu

If you choose to stay in town you can wile away the hours bargain hunting in the market, wind down with a relaxing massage from our in-house masseuse, Dr. Wen Zhu, or simply kick back on the beach that's within spitting distance of your room. Literally. What more can be said about the beach except you'll find no other like it in the world, though you spend a lifetime trying.

Dr.Wen Zhu
the beach

When the sun finally sets on a fun-filled day, things really get hot with Wushan's sizzling nightlife, including a pool table, a vigorous street cafe scene and a myriad of dining options.

sizzling night life
meat so fresh...

Day 3: Re-boarding the ships you will say good-bye to this otherworldly place and return to the hustle-bustle of the modern world. One departing passenger, speaking on behalf of the entire group, had this to say, "We cannot believe the price we paid -- we will never take this tour again!" We agree that the trip is a true bargain and commiserate with the gentleman -- if there were only more time left before this little town is flooded, we COULD all take the trip again!

So on behalf of Madame Wu, Mr. Wong Pu, Dr. Wen Zhu and Tony, we at invite you to visit this slice of heaven before it is just a memory. You'll be able to say, like we do, "I saw a mythically beautiful Atlantis before the waters claimed her; and her name was Wushan."



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