Recommended Personal Travel Sites

There are a few non-commercial travel sites that we regularly visit -- either belonging to people whom we've met along the way or sites with superb content that keeps us coming back. Here's a list of those sites in no particular order.

World Hum
by Jim Benning & Michael Yessis from California, USA
These guys are professionals. They run an extensive site with thought-provoking stories written by themselves and other travelers. Submissions are accepted.

Michael & Hagar's World Travelogue
by Michael & Hagar from California, USA
We met Michael & Hagar at the very beginning of our trip and climbed the Great Wall together. Their hilarious travel stories keep us rolling on the floor with laughter.

Mad Nomad
by Gregg & Evelyn from San Francisco, USA
This 14 month RTW trip is over but Gregg and Evelyn continue to post fresh content. They strike us as very insightful people with a talent for expressing themselves through their site. We especially like Evelyn's site dedicated to images of China, located at

Just Go East
by Felix & Valerie from Netherlands & Belgium
This couple inspired us with their extensive interviews of local people.

Chicken Bus
by Jeremy & Carrie from Phoenix, Arizona, USA
These fellow Arizonans have got to be admired -- they continue to travel the world after settling down post-RTW, and do so with their baby.

The Ultimate Journey
Erin & Chris from New York City, USA
The Ultimate Journey is no exaggeration. Erin and Chris are two of the most ambitious travelers we've encountered yet -- traveling around the world for four years and on motorcycles no less.

If you are a fellow traveler with a website, please drop us a line to tell us about your site:

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