Recommended Personal Travel Sites

If you're interested in learning from others who have gone before you, there are hundreds of travel web logs and around the world trip sites out there. Get started with these directories ...

Yahoo! Around the World Travelogue Directory
Google Around the World Travel Directory
Lonely Planet List of Independent Travelogues and Magazines

Of course we have our favorites. These RTW travel sites either belong to people we met on our trip or just those which we enjoy and visit regularly ...

World Hum
by Jim Benning & Michael Yessis from California, USA
An extensive collection of funny and thought-provoking travel stories. Submissions are accepted.

Michael & Hagar's World Travelogue
by Michael & Hagar from California, USA
We met this couple on the first day of our trip (they were also in the first week) and climbed the Great Wall together. Their travel stories keep us rolling with laughter. Their journey was fun AND fruitful -- they produced a baby along the way. What a bonus!

Mad Nomad
by Gregg & Evelyn from San Francisco, USA
Their 14 month trip is over but they continue to post insightful thoughts about culture and travel. We especially like Evelyn's site with images of China, located at

Just Go East
by Felix & Valerie from Netherlands & Belgium
This couple inspired us with their extensive interviews of local people.

Chicken Bus
by Jeremy & Carrie from Phoenix, Arizona, USA
These fellow Arizonans continue to travel the world after settling down post-round-the-world, and do so with their baby.

The Ultimate Journey
Erin & Chris from New York City, USA
These are two of the most ambitious travelers we've encountered yet -- traveling around the world for four years and on motorcycles.

Mike Pugh from Chicago, USA
This superb travelogue chronicles Mike's solo, one year, round-the-world journey. This is one of the sharpest travel sites out there in terms of design and presentation. We especially like the videos.

Our Really Big Adventure
Barbara & Caelen from Ireland
A couple of extreme sports enthusiasts travel the world for a year with the hope of getting a return on their travel insurance investment.

Patrick and Sabine from Holland



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