Ho's Mausoleum ~ Hanoi. Vietnam
Nov 21 2001

Despite an expressly stated desire to be cremated "Uncle Ho," as he is affectionately known, was embalmed and ensconced here for public perusal after his death in 1969 (almost 5 years before he would see the Americans leave and his dream of a unified Vietnam come true). As if this final sacrifice for the state were not undignified enough, each year he is bundled of to Russia where he undergoes three months of 'maintenance.' Ho Chi Minh is held in genuine regard in this country, unlike Mao in China. One can only imagine that any enemy of a system as powerful as the alliance of capitalist western states would have been thoroughly discredited by now. At least to students and citizens of its standard bearer, the United States. To the credit of both Ho Chi Minh and education and free press in the west, nothing has ever been discovered or invented to besmirch the belief that he was a dedicated and uncorrupted man who wanted only self-determination and a better life for his people. It is good to know that we can have heroes amongst the 'enemy' ranks as well.


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