USA Farewell Roadtrip ~ Wisconsin
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Lake Mendota

Fishermen on one of the lakes that surround the city of Madison.





Julie scoots
Door County

The whole Clappier clan took turns zooming around the State Park in Door county on rented scooters. Here I caught Julie in action and blurred the image into simpler components.



Door County

Reluctantly handing over the scooters along with some scooter lore.





Horseshoe Island
Door County

A steep climb to the top of an old wooden viewing tower provides this view over Lake Michigan. The seasick feeling from the swaying at the top is a small price to pay.




Renaissance books

Renaissance is a gigantic downtown used bookstore I visit whenever I'm in Milwaukee. Yield on this trip - 0 secondhand travel books, 1 good picture.




Unkie Nige

We were laughing about the joke my niece just made about our having the same hairdresser. Quite the wit she is. I was a little apprehensive as this was the first time I met Paige and only the second time I'd held a baby human. Thankfully she's an extremely amicable young lady and was very gentle with me.



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