USA Farewell Road Trip ~ AZ, WY, UT, SD
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Navajo Bridge Visitor Center
Navajo Indian Reservation, AZ


Just beyond Lee's Ferry this visitor center for Navajo bridge offered little shade but a beautiful picture.




Balanced Rock House
Painted Desert, AZ


A group of French-Canadian hippies had temporarily taken up residence in these unique deserted buildings in the desert some miles south of the Colorado river in Arizona.



Window on boulders
Painted Desert, AZ

Taken from inside Balanced Boulder House.





Mormon Temple
Salt Lake City, UT

Once a Mormon Temple is completed, visitors are permitted to enter for about a week. Once this period is over, the building is off-limits to all non-Mormons and this, together with the bolted doors, heavily curtained windows and reluctance on the part of members of the church to reveal information on the nature of the ceremonies that take place within, give an air of mystery to the place. Suspicion.



Jesus Christ inc.
Salt Lake City, UT

It seems that business is booming for ole JC at the Church of Latter Day Saints. I was a little perturbed by the fact that the office building for the Mormon Church is far larger than the temple - I am not one to fault humble houses of worship, but just who gets the most office space in Salt Lake City?



Lake Jenny
Grand Tetons, WY

The small round pebbles on this beach massaged our backs so well we called this place 'Shiatsu' Shore. Julie said that the hour or so we spent here was one of the most peaceful times she had ever enjoyed.



Grand Tetons, WY

I once signed up for a fly-fishing course despite having an aversion to fishing. The flow of the cast and the intricate fly tying are ALMOST enough to get me off the bank of this river and grab the rod in favor of the camera - almost.



Footprints on Colter Bay
Grand Tetons, WY






Steam rising on Lake Jackson
Grand Tetons, WY

This was a beautiful crisp morning and the lake was busy with wildlife. Of particular interest was the family of Otters I watched for a while. They made life, liberty and the pursuit of fish seem everything it's cracked up to be.



Devils Tower

This upthrust cone of lava was all the more dramatic as we arrived at Devil's Monument after dark and awoke to find this outside our tent.




Nigel's distress
Shell, SD

We stopped in Shell SD (pop. 54) so Julie could make a phone call. After seeing a neon open sign and then investigating this store through it's windows, I thought it must be either a joke or run by a mad person. This photo doesn't adequately capture the disarray inside, but by chance does capture my mixture of emotions. Turns out it wasn't a joke, just a small, sweet and utterly senile old lady proprietor.



Wares in Old Shell Lodge
Shell, SD

a sampling of some of the items for sale in the Old Shell Lodge

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