Hotels & Guesthouses in Myanmar

A few people have asked about the hotels we stay in and how much they cost. Here is a sample of those places - mainly our favorites. We'll continue to add to this collection as our trip progresses. These pictures do not link off to larger images.

Gandamar Myaing Hotel in Pyin oo Lyin

Price: $12 per night (or $6 per bed) plus $.75 for wood to heat water for hot showers, included a private bath and breakfast. Pyin oo Lyin was once a British hill station where many of the English built grand houses that are now operated as guesthouses, oftentimes by the government. On the evening that we stayed here, we had the entire mansion to ourselves. According to the guest registry, only two other parties had stayed here in the last two weeks.

Candacraig Hotel also in Pyin oo Lyin

Price: $30 per night, included a private bath and breakfast. This hotel was made famous by Paul Theroux who once stayed here and wrote about it in The Great Railway Bazaar. The grandiose old place made almost entirely of teak wood, was worth the splurge for one night but we were a bit too disappointed in the lonely government-run atmosphere (and lousy breakfast) to justify spending more than one night here.




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