Myanmar Gallery ~ Bagan
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Ancient landscape
February 05, 2002

The roads running through the archeological area of Bagan are well maintained and frequently lined with streetlights. These things serve only to highlight the state of this country in the 21st century. There is not enough electricity to run the lights so the stars still shine brightly and beside all the roads, parallel grooves are cut deep into the sand from oxcarts that ply between nearby fields. The asphalt is too hard on their hooves and wooden wheels.


The temples of Bagan - Panoramic
February 04, 2002

View of the hundreds of temples spread out across the plain at Bagan. This is a large image 250k.




Standing Buddha at Ananda
February 04, 2002

One of four giant standing Buddha images at Ananda





Julie at Ananda
February 05, 2002

We dodged one bus load of Italians dressed in traditional Bamar costume come barreling out, just as another large tour group was going in wearing shorts and tank tops - past signs forbidding such attire. Despite these first impressions this very famous of Bagan's temples maintains a hushed and reverent atmosphere. Tourists seem to disappear and small clusters of worshippers respectfully shuffle the clockwise circuit to each of the four immense standing Buddhas.


Anasazi ruins?
February 04, 2002

I couldn't help but be reminded of the Anasazi ruins in Arizona that were built around the same time as the temples of Bagan. Actually, the comparison stops at the color of the bricks.



February 04, 2002

A Burmese family at one of the temples.





Holy Mountain
February 05, 2002

As with most Buddhist temples in Asia, pagodas in Bagan are built to recollect Mt.Meru. A mystical mountain roughly comparable to Mt.Olympus in western beliefs.




Julie Bikes
February 06, 2002

Julie cycles towards one of Bagans' structures.





Lion Decoration
February 04, 2002

A rare piece of surviving plaster ornamentation .





February 04, 2002

Wall murals within a temple.





Noble monk
February 05, 2002

A monk enjoying the sunset with us atop one of Bagans' temples.




Shutting up shop
February 05, 2002

The hundreds of vendors surrounding the temples at Bagan simply lay out their products on woven mats and alternate between sleeping and attaching themselves to passing tourists. When the day is done, everything is carried home leaving the temples wonderfully deserted.



Bagan Sunset
February 05, 2002



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