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Approaching the Church - The 500 year old Dominican built church is popular spot for weddings. The reasons are clear.


Detail of the 'Bean Arch' - A closer inspection hints at the time and effort involved in crating a mural made of beans.


Church Interior - A peaceful prelude to the weekend.

Tepoztlan Streetscene 1 - A quiet street that ends in a trail up to the pyramid.

Tepoztlan Streetscene 2 - Colorful walls compete with colorful wares.

Tepoztlan Streetscene 3

Tepoztlan Streetscene 4 - a drinkseller waits for patronage near the market.




Tepoztlan Streetscene 5 - Another typical scene of Tepoztlan's steetlife. The paint is often the most active element.




Posada del Tepozteco Pergola - The beautiful patio of our hotel in Tepoztlan.


Posada del Tepozteco Patio - Several tiers of patio's and gardens cascade down the hill towards the town center.



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