Mexico City
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Cinco de Mayo avenue

My Street - My hotel was on Cinco de Mayo avenue, a charming tree lined cobblestone avenue full of men's clothing stores and restaurants. The green VW Beetle is representative of a huge number of taxis buzzing around the city. The beautifully tiled building was a branch of Sanborn's, an upscale department store.


Cathedral Interior

Cathedral Interior - With my sensativities fine tuned by the controversy over the violence of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ," I was a little surprised to find an old statue in the main MC Cathedral portraying the Passion in vivid detail. A stooped Jesus flayed to the point that most of the ribs on his back were exposed. It reminded me that Mel Gibson is simply updating that icon for our age.


Church Extrior, Centro Historico

Church Exterior - The old downtown area uses a grid sytem. Every so often one will find a little open space with a fountain or staute. In this case, a small door opened onto a courtyard containing an intricately decorated church.


Relic of our Lady of Guadalupe

Relic - The appearance of Mary on a hillside near Mexico City 500 years ago began a cult of worship that is largely responsible for Mexico being 90% Catholic today. This relic is purported to be the actual garment worn by the Indian to whom the vision appeared. This image spontaneously appeared upon the cloth and has been preserved for pilgrims to see. It is the reason the Basilica of Our lady of Guadalupe is the third most visited Chritian site in the world after the Vatican and Jerusalem.

largest Mexican flag in the world

Mexico City has to be given credit for aiming high. Unfortunately it never quite makes it to the top of the heap:
The third largest city in the world. The third most visited Catholic site in the world. The third largest pyramid in the world.
Wait a minute, this must surely be the largest Mexican flag in the world - Yay Mexico City!!


take down the flag

Every evening at six pm sharp, soldiers accompanied by a small military marching band emerge from the Palacio Nacional to do battle with the larget Mexican flag in the world. They eventually take down the flag, get it rolled up and manhandle itback to the palace. It takes eight men just to carry it.


Aztec Dancers

Aztec Dancers - Every night I could hear the drumming drifitng up from the Zocalo but it was only on Sunday that te dancers appeared in full regalia.




The Avenue of the Dead

Teotihuacan Pyramids - The Avenue of the Dead. Viewed from the top of the Pyramid of the Moon.




vendor stare down

A vendor makes a stand at Teotihuacan - This was so funny. The old man stared at the little dolls for an age. Perhaps he had fallen asleep on his feet. Perhaps he was determind not to lose a staring contest, or was afraid to turn his back.




Ascending the world's third largest pyramid

Pyramid of the Sun - Ascending the world's third largest pyramid.


Pyramid of the Sun - Panoramic.
View from the Pyramid of the Moon - Panoramic.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Panoramic. In this photo, one can see the problem faced by all of Mexico City. Built upon and underground lake from which the city draws its' water, the entire city is slowly sinking. The Basilca was closed for many years while engineers fortified the church in an attempt to prevent its collapse.



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