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Pulao Tioman
April 17, 2002

We were told in Hawaii that the musical "South Pacific" had been filmed there. Apparently it was also filmed here with Pulau Tioman taking the role of mythical Bali Hai. While nothing may ever compare to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand, we couldn't find much to fault Time magazine for calling this island one of the ten most beautiful in the world (though that was thirty years ago).


Is this what you call a trek?
April 18, 2002

We had been confused for some time over the difference between trekking, hiking and walking but eventually came to the conclusion that it is only trekking if you carry a stick and do it in exotic places.
We walked the 7km across the island to the less developed and far superior beach on the western side. A beautiful hike through lush forest filled with monkeys and Monitor lizards.


The Ferry Home
April 18, 2002

After the hike, or walk or whatever, we took a spunky little blue ferry back to the eastern side.




April 19, 2002

No really, I just love bats for all thier ambiguities. Are they cute or ugly? Are they blind or what? Do they suck blood or not? These bats added one more unusual element. They slept in the direct sunlight hanging from the trees allowing us to study them closely (not too closely of course - bat guano is corrosive). They would chatter incessantly and flap thier wings to cool off, all the time eyeballing us.




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