Random Postcards from Malaysia
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Traditional Southern Indian food ~
Little India, Peneng
March 26, 2002

Eating a thuri lunch set at one of Penang's Southern Indian restaurants is good for the sou (and the budget)l. First they roll a banana leaf plate out in front of you, next they come around with metal buckets of rice and various pickled and curried vegetables, and finally they bring out a bowl of curried chicken and a crispy pappadam. The best part is that they will continue to fill your 'plate' until you fold your banana leaf in half to signal that you're finished. Normally this food is eaten with your right hand fingers only but they knew we would appreciate the cutlery. Take a look at Nigel doing it the right way below.

Nigel gets piggy on thuri ~
Little India, Penang
March 26, 2001

If shoveling food into your mouth with your hands isn't enough to soothe your inner barbarian, the waiters return from time to time with pails of curry and slap more down in front of you in a pleasingly neanderthal manner.

The Tandoori Twins ~ Resturan' Kassim Mustafa, Penang.
March 27, 2002

Abu and Bapu, the tandoori twins, had a good time posing for this shot. They were so happy when we asked if we could take their picture that they excitedly replied "Oh yes! Oh yes! But take it with the chicken!" At which point they moved over to the tandoori chicken oven, grabbed the spit and posed with this lovely leg of chicken. Ah, so proud!

Posing in Penang ~ Near SunYat Sen's old digs, Georgetown
March 25, 2002

Man's Best Friend ~ Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown
March 28, 2002

A trishaw driver seems none too pleased to have his picture taken. The pooch seemed to perk up though.

Cheeky Crow ~ Georgetown, Penang
March 24, 2002

A crow (or is that a Raven?) risks upsetting the area spirits by helping himself to one of the offerings left to them on this Chinese alter.




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