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A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy ...
May 13, 2002

My first thought upon entering the Shali, the old mud brick fortress deserted in the center of Siwa, was of Star Wars. The images George Lucas brought us of some of those far away, long ago places are not so far away or long ago from reality out here. The silent streets twist upon one another, ducking under houses and winding between high walls. The result is disorienting, which is probably the desired effect. Any invader would be at a distinct disadvantage when lost and vulnerable in single file. I spent hours walking around, exploring the rooms of multistory homes, peering into caves cut into the rock and trying to imagine what life was like when hundreds of people lived, cooked and played in these small quarters cheek to jowl with the neighbors. The absence of any footprints but mine made me feel as though I was the first person to venture here in some time.

Splash of Color
May 14, 2002

The majority of the buildings blend perfectly with the colors and textures of their environment. On occasion though, walls are plastered and then washed bright blue or warm ochre. A pleasure to the eye in this overwhelmingly brown world.

The Shali Village
May 12, 2002

A shot of the roofless homes in a residential area of the deserted town.

Donkey in the Distance
May 13, 2002

A donkey crosses the causeway that leads to Fatnis Island.

May 14, 2002

An alley frames one of the few structures still in use in the Shali - the Mosque's minaret.


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