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Aswan Rooftops
May 3, 2002

Less commercialized than Luxor and less insane than Cairo, Aswan was the most pleasant Nile River city we visited. When Lake Nasser submerged the traditional homelands of the Nubian people, the city saw a rapid increase in population that hasn't harmed the laid back atmosphere. Warmer than most of Egypt, Aswan has a long tradition of tourism as its climate attracted the upper class European looking to escape the winters of the continent.

Temple of Isis at Philae
May 5, 2002

The temple of Isis at Philae is another of the structures that had to be relocated after the construction of the high dam created Lake Nasser (see Abu Simbel). For some time in the sixties the temple was half submerged by the rising waters and tourists would visit in rowboats. Today the temple sits on another island, high and dry, just a hundred meters from its original location.


May 3, 2002

Second in interest only to the Souqs of Cairo, the Souq in Aswan far surpasses those of the capital city in terms of pleasure. Without the crowds and persistent salesmen of the capital city, Aswan offers a more relaxed alternative for all your souq buying needs. There's that tourist brochure writer again!


Arabic Street Sign
May 4, 2002
Tea Stand Still Life
May 6, 2002

May 4, 2002

View of Aswan's west bank from the deck of one of the Nile's traditional feluccas.

The Local Bakery
May 5, 2002

This bakery was next door to our hotel. Even though they push a few thousand flat breads out of the old brick ovens each day they still found time to welcome us in, show us around, throw hot bread at us and ask for Baksheesh (a tip).

Mammas in Muumuus
May 5, 2002

Local women on the street

Sunset on the river Nile
May 4, 2002

Associated with the setting sun and death, the west bank of the river Nile is where the Egyptians traditionally built tombs for their dearly departed. Depending on the fashion of the time and the wealth and importance of the individual, the tomb could range from a great pyramid to a shelf in a catacomb. Here an above ground mausoleum across the Nile is silhouetted against the setting sun.


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