Julie on Parade ~ Guilin, Guangxi Province. China.
Nov 4 2001

The Chinese have a strange obsession with their tourists. They like to dress us in uniform shirts (and sometimes caps but not in this case) and parade us around for the Chiense media. It's all part of the 'build new China attract more tourists' campaign. On this particular day, Nigel was sick in bed and I was looking for adventure. I innocently signed up for a 'free lunch and bike tour for westerner tourists' sponsored by the City of Yangshuo and soon found myself biking down the main street of neighboring Guillin with thousands of Chinese cheering and waving at me. I (and about 25 other western tourists) was tricked into biking in a parade and as if on cue, instinctively started waving back in that regal way that only beauty queens on parade do.

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nigel & julie snow