Free range pork ~ Baisha
Oct 23 2001

We know that they are all going to end up the same way, but it was nice to see the lives the pigs of Baisha lead. In large towns we had seen huge pigs crammed into tiny stinking styes wallowing in sunless filth. Here the little guys run around in packs and have free range of the place. Rooting hither and yon for piggy treats. I have heard the swine squeal as they were kicked and pummeled onto a ship on the Yangtze. I have smelled their cramped styes in the narrow alleys of Shaolin. I have seen open handcarts piled with thier freshly slaughtered bodies making the restuarnat deliveries at dawn in Lijiang. But it is the sight of piglets playing and dozing in the sun that most makes me want to give up meat.

images are original
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nigel & julie snow