China Gallery ~ Tingdong
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Boats moored at Tingdong
October 30 2001

Market days are special occasions when locals from surrounding villages will come to town to sell their wares, buy supplies and catch up on the latest.
Sitting on a river, Tingdong receives many boat commuters.

Chili Sellers
October 30 2001

Women of the Dong minority, selling chilies. They are distinguished by their hairstyles and costumes of shiny purple cloth.

October 30 2001

Catching up on the latest - another good reason to visit Tingdong's occasional market days. More than perhaps anyone else I photographed, these two looked like extras from the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

A pigs life
October 30 2001

As if being severely overweight with a back hair problem was not indignity enough, this poor fat fellow has been left bare inches from the chopping block to contemplate his imminent demise

October 30 2001

These men were sitting at the edge of the buffalo market, no doubt sizing up the products on offer.

October 30 2001

Two Dong women, with their little boy in tow, look over the side of the bridge to where the buffalo market is taking place. The business of Buffalos must be man's work, for there was not a woman to be seen on the riverbank.


Like cats and dogs?
October 30 2001

This dog gives a sheepish look for being cowed by a kitten as harmless as a lamb. Guizhou is so remote that news of the great Cat and Dog Schism of 1294 hasn't reached these two yet.

Dong Women
October 30, 2001
Dong Woman
October 30, 2001

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