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Macao Panorama
November 15 2001

The view of Macao from Monte fort. In the centre of the picture you might make out what looks like a narrow building under scaffolding. This is in fact the ruins of St. Paul, the symbol of Macao. A fire in 1844 reduced this beautiful church to its' stone facade.


Macao's architecture
November 16 2001

Hong Kong, constantly modernizing under 150 years of British rule, is a mass of skyscrapers that urges it's citizenry on to further monetary achievements. Macao, a Portuguese colony for 400 years, has mellowed into a relaxed amalgam of sunny southern Europe and heated southeast China. This picture typifies the comfortable truce of Asian and European sensibilities that give Macao it's character.


Largo de Senado
November 15 2001

'Almost like being in Europe' - as are many of this region's cities. Macao was handed back to the People's Republic to China in 1999 after over 400 years as a Portuguese colony. This main square had it's cobblestones placed by Portuguese artisans to reflect that nation's seafaring traditions.


Santa Domingo
November 15 2001

Another example of the cheery Portuguese architecture. About as at home in China as representative democracy.




Incense coils ~ A Ma temple
November 15 2001

The Chinese burn incense in temples for many reasons, to increase the odds of having a petition heard and granted by the gods or to thank them for granting a wish. These coils within coils of slow burning incense hang from the ceiling of A Ma temple and thicken the air with their perfume.


Devotions ~ A Ma temple
November 15 2001

Two generations of women present their petitions at this Buddhist shrine. This Buddhist temple is dedicated to the goddess of fishermen (A Ma) and is thought to be where the name Mac originates.



Incense portal
November 16 2001

beautifully balanced in a way only Feng Shui can truly appreciate, this view of offerings at A Ma temple is easy pickings for a composition conscious photographer




Offerings ~ A Ma temple, Mac
November 15 2001

Offerings of money dropped into a bowl of water at A Ma temple. The bowls often also contained flowers or sad looking (if wealthy) turtles.




Cannon over Macao
November 15 2001

Monte fort, high on hill in the centre of Macao, was the site of a celebrated occurrence in local history. In 1622 a large force of Dutch invaded the poorly defended Portuguese possession and threatened to overrun it. A lucky shot from a cannon on these walls hit the Dutch gunpowder boat in the bay and caused a huge explosion that decimated the attackers. The Dutch retreated and St. John the Baptist, on whose day the battle took place, was proclaimed the patron saint of the City.


Very grave ~ St. Michael's cemetery, Mac
November 16 2001

This Catholic graveyard reflects the diversity of this community. Many of the Chinese faces on the gravestones have Portuguese names.




Abandoned apartments ~ Macao
November 16 2001

High on a hill, with the best views of the city, we found these abandoned luxury apartments that reminded us of the changes this place has seen in the last two years. Many of this city's Portuguese residents left when Macao was handed back to China in 1999 meaning lots of vacancies in this upscale neighborhood.


Mac Tower at Sunset
November 16, 2001

By far the tallest structure in Macao this massive tower made a striking exclamation against the setting sun on Nam Van lakes. This 'striking exclamation' was about the most forceful experience we encountered on our laid back and relaxed brake from Hong Kong.

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