Lijiang by day
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Abandoned watercolors
October 22 2001

We walked by this popular area for art students around lunchtime. Even starving artists have to eat.




Lijiang market
October 22 2001

The traditional central marketplace in Lijiang is now given over to souvenirs and fake antiques. On Saturday they were cleared out early to allow space for dancing. The traditional Naxi dance, circling around a bonfire, was begun by some traditional Naxi women. This also soon gave over to the tourists who pushed their way into the chain between them. Still, it is a picturesque place with Jade Snow Dragon mountain looming in the distance, as yet unchanged.


Lijiang street
October 22 2001

The narrow streets of old town are lined with the traditional style buildings of the Naxi and though an earthquake in 1995 devastated the town, it was rebuilt soon after. The resilience of these traditional homes so impressed the authorities that they were reconstructed in the same style and spared the tidal wave of bland white tiled buildings that has engulfed so much of China.


Candle Sellers
October 22 2001

Buy a floating candle, make a wish and send it down one of Lijiangs little canals to have it granted. Simple. Nevermind that the local children have even more fun chasing them down with thier water-pistols.




Naxi Orchestra
October 23 2001

One of the few places ancient Chinese music is preserved is with Lijiang's Naxi Orchestra. Made up mostly of old men who are themselves as entertaining as the music (and only a little younger), the performance of the orchestra is a 'must see' in Lijiang. If the music doesn't win you over the dozing, dotty dear old men will.


What's in an name?
October 22 2001

The Chinese know how to name things. This scene goes by the name Jade Snow Dragon mountain across Black Dragon pool.




Atop Elephant Hill
October 22 2001

Our lingering colds could not keep us from celebrating the best weather of the trip so far, which we did with a punishing assault on Elephant Hill. We moaned and groaned like it was a mountain but were rewarded by this view at the top.



Lijiang Storefronts
October 19 2001

The names 'little Paris' and 'little Venice' are sometimes applied to Lijiang for its' canals and cafes. These are storefronts across one of the many canals in town selling souvenirs aimed at tourists.



Swiss Snow Inn
October 22 2001

"Swiss Snow Inn. Traditional Naxi house. Beautiful garden room with shower w.c. 24 hours hot water tea room with classic atmosphere Internet"




Three Naxi
October 23 2001

Three again. Good things come in threes.



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