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Girl from tea house
September 9, 2001

This young woman moved to Beijing from the Henan province of China. She likes her job at this ornate tea house not only because she enjoys tea, but because they play Kenny G and Michael Bolton music. She served us an aromatic jasmine tea, although her favorite is oolong tea because of its slimming effect. She was able to communicate this to us with a few English words, hand gestures and a deep blush.


In the duck oven
October 1 2001

The most famous national dish on national day. Perhaps more than you wanted to see of Peking Duck preparation




Just Jules
October 1 2001

Julie (after a year and a day of marriage) in front of one of the gates to the Temple of Heaven




The New Summer Palace
October 2 2001

The old was utterly destroyed by the allied powers of Europe. Half the population of Beijing seemed to have had the same idea as us after the sun came out at the end of a long rainy - head out to the Summer Palace to watch the sunset. Even though we couldn't find a bench of our own for quite some time, it was nice to see these old friends enjoy the good weather.


Monument to the People's Heroes
September 2001

This monument in the center of Tiananmen has often been a rallying point for political protests in China - 1989's Democracy movement among them.



Just Nigel & Julie & Mao & 1.2 Billion
September 2001

There is no real way to get a feel for what 1.2 billion people feel like. The closest one might come is the immense and teaming Tiananmen square where people mingle, fly kites and wander about aimlessly looking for a way to cross it in less than half an hour, like us.


Don't eat the Lima bean ice cream September 2001

I will try anything once. While this can be rewarding, it can also be a little....surprising. This picture was taken just before my second gastronomic blunder of the trip so far. Already.



Three little angels
September 2001

I had not yet gained the mettle or Mandarin required to ask permission to take pictures. Instead I had to content myself with capturing these gossiping grannies surreptitiously from across the street



Beijing Zhan by night
September 2001

Taken around 9pm on a Friday night this is Beijing's largest train station and like all official buildings in the city, it was lit up like a Christmas tree.






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