Sign at Wat Phnom ~ Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Jan 3 2001

Welcome to Cambodia! Thanks for coming such a long way to visit our beautiful country. Please prepare to be treated like a second class citizen and be fined for the privilege. Have a nice day and good luck to you!

I did my duty by trying to sneak in but was stopped just short of my goal by a polite young man telling me it would cost a dollar to visit Wat Phnom, the cities most important temple. I told him that I would not pay a fee only levied on tourists because I thought it unfair, especially as my country gives so much aid to his country. I was in a bad mood and it was hot outside so I turned away in disgust but sometimes principals just get in the way and indignation will get you nowhere. In the grand scheme of things, there is never anything the little person can do about the complaints they receive from other little people.

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