Food Wonder Vietnam - Vietnamese Style Coffee
real coffee for real coffee fans

Order a coffee in China and you get Nescafe Instant. Insipid stuff that would have trouble converting just one of that nation of tea drinkers to the dark side. Those two months in China felt, in this specific respect, like two years in a wasteland because Julie and I love coffee. Really love it. There is an Espresso bar in the family, we worked there on and off for a couple years and the highlight of our honeymoon was staying at a coffee plantation in Kona, Hawaii. We both drink a great deal and love our French Press, Italian Espresso Maker and now our shiny new Vietnamese coffee drips.

Order a coffee in Vietnam and you are brought a glass within a glass of boiling water. Atop the inside glass sits a stainless steel cup with fine holes beneath, lid above and fine ground Vietnamese coffee within ( for the record - a little too chocolate and sweet for me, but Julie's mad about the stuff ). Impatiently watch it drip it's incredible blackness into the hot glass, stir up the condensed milk if ordered white, and Voila! The best coffee in Southeast Asia. Brewed tastefully it is hot, fresh and fantastically strong real coffee to start your day, finish your meal, enjoy with friends, for sightseeing energy and to unwind from the traffic - at 35 cents a go, you'll find many excuses to stop and have a jolt.
Equally delicious and perhaps more sensible considering the climate, order it over ice



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