Food Wonder Cambodia - Tikaloks : Cambodian health food

We had noticed the vendors setting up on the sidewalks of Phnom Penh towards sunset but it wasn't until we reached Kampot that that we tried the Tikalok. You might call it a Cambodian smoothie. However, being unencumbered by a drug company-induced cholesterol paranoia or fast-food induced waistlines, the Khmer create a variation far removed from the American healthy fresh organic wheatgrass shot with bee pollen sprinkles drink found in the malls and whole-food stores across our homeland. Oh, and instead of a few dollars a go, you can pick up a mug of this nectar for just 1500 Riel (around 40 cents US) no matter where you are in the country. Pick a fruit or five and let the mixing maestro go to work. To a blender add sweetened condensed milk, white sugar, cream, shaven ice (old hand cranked machines that would sell as antiques where we're from) and your choice of fruit for flavor. This is the standard mix, but for the not-so-secret ingredient that makes the Tikalok tick we usually had to ask. The raw egg makes it frothy.
The joy is only partly in the delicious disregard for calories and the thumbed nose at salmonella. An equal pleasure comes in devising different combinations of heretofore unknown fruits. Dragonfruit with pineapple. Banana, plum and logan. Straight up stinky Durian. Apple and fresh coconut with lychee. Our personal picks? Julie recommends plain Jackfruit tikaloks while I couldn't get enough of the soursop.
And remember - the raw egg makes it better!



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