Food Blunder Cambodia - Sugar : the all-natural high

One morning we were up before breakfast and well on our way to a far flung Angkor temple before our stomachs began to growl. We pulled the bike over to a roadside stand and were met with only one choice of edible appearing product - a tube made of palm leaves that we assumed was a regional variation of the sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves we had seen all over Vietnam. Once at the temple we unwrapped the intricately tied bundle and found not rice but rough disks of unknown origin that looked like large brown checkers pieces. After a sniff gave up no information a tentative nibble yielded results - a mouth flooded with such incredible sweetness it made you shake your head as if punched. Voracious we each downed two of what must have been pure caramelized and concentrated and crystallized cane sugar. No other food substance can more quickly take you from famished to nauseatingly satiated in as short a time as those "sugar pucks." Later we took great glee in handing out the rest of the pucks to the young children hawking T-shirts outside the temples. We rubbed our hands together in evil satisfaction at the havoc these sugar mad vibrating devils would wreck on our fellow tourists as they bounced in glucose induced stupor from one to another, "T-shirtT-shirtTshrtT-shirtT-shirt..."



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