Food Wonder China - Pickled cucumber

In Tianjin we sought out a well known restaurant famous for it's dumplings. unfortunately, beyond the word 'Goubouli' we hadn't a clue what to order from the Chinese menu. We were reaching a total impasse with our waitress - it seemed she couldn't accept that we wanted only dumplings and we were about to point at some disgusting pile of meat-type derivative our neighbor was having just to get rid of her. Then, as has frequently happened, an English speaking 'knight in shining armor' came to the rescue. We were relieved enough that we asked her to order whatever she recommended. One of these dishes was a plate of crunchy, sour, sweet and spicy thin sticks of bright green cucumber with loads of minced ginger. I wish I knew the name because it has been one of the most delicious things we have eaten in China. Try to find it at all costs!



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