Food Wonders China - Muslim Night Market

For the language inhibited (in China this seems to be almost anyone not a native speaker or without ten years of Mandarin study) the street stalls selling food are an excellent way to feed oneself with fewer surprises. You can just point at something appetizing, use some more fingers to determine the quantity and price, and watch it cooked in front of you. Even with the marked up 'foreigners price' these vendors are ridiculously inexpensive and beat sterile western fast food joints by a mile. We particularly enjoyed the Night food market in the Muslim quarter of Xi'an. We tried the spicy lamb skewers, the sugared steamed semolina on a stick, 'Doushagao,' which is a fried little sweet cake filled with peas and dates and pretty much everything else we could get our paws on - they could do no wrong. Except maybe the food storage thing....



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