Food Wonder Vietnam - Hoi An Cuisine

There are a handful of dishes that are unique to this town just south of Hue near the central coast of Vietnam, each more delicious than the last -

White Rose - Fresh shrimp wrapped in rice paper with garlic, lemon juice and a fantastic fish/chili sauce. Gets it's name from the way the little packets are displayed on a plate.

Fried Wontons - We preferred these over their more famous Chinese cousins. Less greasy and piled high with chicken or shrimp, onions, tomatoes, guacamole and sauce for a dish that seemed almost like Mexican nachos Asian style.

Cao Lau - Our favorite and the most famous in the region, this noodle 'salad' has thick white vermicelli over green leaves. With sliced roast pork, croutons and crisp fried rice it is again the sauce that makes it memorable - and unfortunately impossible to recreate at home as each cook closely guards the recipe.



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