Food Wonder Vietnam - Hanoi's Expat Restaurants

Where else can you get Wiener Schnitzel for a dollar? Hanoi is often thought of as less sophisticated than larger Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and if pure wealth is the measure, this would certainly hold true. More dogmatic than the south and previously more corrupt, Hanoi saw the vast majority of foreign investment flow into Saigon. In all other categories, especially best overall city in Vietnam, the Oscar most definitely goes to Hanoi. One of the reasons we are so fond of the capital is it's restaurants. It goes without saying that the local cuisine is top notch, but what struck us was the quality of the city's foreign restaurants. The seafood at Le Brique, the Spaghetti Carbonara at Artspace, the best Tapas we have ever had at La Salsa and even decent pizza at Pepperoni's. The decor in each is authentic and subdued, the service is good and the prices are, well, the prices are Vietnamese, which is to say less than one quarter what you would pay for inferior food back home. Many of these eateries have been opened by the growing middle class and the increasing number of expats calling Hanoi home, while others simply attract a large foreign clientele. Wherever the impetus is originating, Hanoi's relaxing business climate is having a profound effect on the quality and quantity of it's restaurants. We could have stayed for a month, eating in different restaurants from different countries everyday and not exhausted the possibilities. Which is more than a budget traveler can say for Saigon



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