Food Wonders China - "Fried Rape with Mushrooms"

We passed on the "Spicy Ass Meat Slices." They were all out of "Fried Sliced Frogs in Beer" and "Deep Fried Diced Frogs." I had just seen a little kid playing with a bunny, so "Fried Dry Hairtail Pieces" was out. There was nothing to do but order the "Fried Rape with Mushrooms" and hope for the best - and it was. "Rape," it seems, is similar to Bok Choy. Or is "Rape" the delicious sauce it came with? Either way, don't be offended if you are offered rape in a restaurant in China, be glad they have it and order a double portion because it's very very good.

amendment - we have since discovered that 'rape' is indeed a correct translation. Still, it was funny at the time



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