Food Blunder China - Does anyone really like this stuff?

Anywhere remotely of interest to tourists will inevitably have someone selling popsicles. Usually many many someones. While one can buy the Walls or Nestle brands, this seems to me to be unsporting so I always go for the Chinese brand. They are invariably cheap and interesting. On a trip to the Summer Palace in Beijing however, I was forced to ask myself the difficult question:"Is 15 cents too much to pay for a popsicle?" The first tentative lick betrayed not a hint of sweetness. Rather odd for frozen treat with packaging portraying shiny green and red balls. "Oh good" I told myself, "won't this be refreshing. Popsicles back home are always so full of sugar anyway." With that I took a large bite and discovered that what had been saved in sugar had been made up for with beans. The strange thing was, as rock hard and frozen as the ice cream was, the beans maintained that soft beany interior. Avoid this popsicle at all costs - it is just a sneaky way of getting you to eat your vegetables.



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