Food Wonder Vietnam - Condensed Milk

I know what you're thinking. He went all the way across the world to discover condensed milk! It was worth it because sweetened condensed milk is the best thing since milk.
I had seen it in stores at home before and wondered what one used it for, kind of like those great buckets of lard next to the butter. I knew that some people took it camping with them. I knew militia men in Michigan probably kept a stock of it in their bunkers along with the twinkies and spam. I did not know it was good until I went to Vietnam.
The small area of Vietnam and its' lack of resources limits the feasibility of large scale commercial dairies and most milk is imported from Australia. The expense of imported goods, the year round heat and the lack of refrigeration make condensed milk the perfect solution for a country not that keen on dairy anyway. Spread it on toast, add it to tea or simply mix it with boiling water - I will never again be without a can in the cupboard (or the bomb shelter).
For you folks back in hot Arizona, try a Vietnamese Ice coffee to cool you down: just add one half Vietnamese coffee* to one half sweetened condensed milk. Stir and pour over ice. We live on the stuff.

*Just make it as strong as you possibly can and add a bit of chocolate.

See also Tikaloks for another great use for this product no-one should be without a can of.



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