Food Wonders & Blunders

There is no question that eating the local cuisine enhances a travelers experience. You have to be willing to trust that the locals aren't all crazy. That they eat all those 'weird' things for good reason. So suspend your squeamishness and dive right in with gusto because a real man will eat anything! More often than not you will come upon delicious meals that usually cost less than food made specifically for the taste of 'rich' westerners.

No less memorable but far less enjoyable are those foods that look innoccous but turn out to be total food blunders. Unless the description appeals to you, stay away from the following foods that have begged the question, "are these people crazy?!"

Food Wonders
Food Blunders
Milk more creamy - the way milk ought to be
Pickled Cucumber - better than dill
Is that Legal? - Fried Rape
Macao's Fusion Food - great food, great city
Condensed Milk - not just for the bomb shelter anymore
French Baguettes - It's only a Colonial legacy but we like it
Specialites de Chevre - not just a self serving plug
Bia Hoi - beer cheaper than water. Literally.
Tikaloks - Cambodian health food
Green Curry - everyone's favorite
Roti Canai
ABC Treat


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