About Nigel - "It's always about me."

AZ highway 89a from Jerome to Prescott is both scenic and winding - perfect for a motorcycle ride and striking an all-American tough guy pose.

As if this entire website isn't enough of an exercise in self-aggrandizement, I must follow the convention for these RTW websites and include a little 'about me' section. After all, if you don't know a little about where I'm coming from, how can you care about where I'm going?

There are myriad dating services on the internet. It was to one such site I went searching for what you might want to know about this guy you're following around the world. So without further ado, I give you actual excerpts from my* UDate profile**:

Basic Features-
What nationality are you? Not specified (when in the United States I am British, when in the United Kingdom I am American and everywhere else I am Swiss. I know what you're thinking, but the Swiss have never asked. I was born in the UK to an English Dad and a Swiss Mum. In the intervening years I have been shaped by Switzerland, South Africa and various United States.)
What is your current occupation? unemployed (formerly a Food vendor. As for once we return - if we return - I think I would like to go back to school and become a full time thinker again.)
Please describe your build:
Slight (I've always been a little guy, but what I lack in size I make up in tenacity. A little like a mosquito I suppose...)
What hairstyle do you wear? Bald / Not much (I hate long good-byes and this one has been going on since my freshman year in college.)
Do you drink? I enjoy drinking (social lubricant for a shy guy - Dutch Courage as it's called across the pond. Unfortunately I go from disarmingly intelligent to politically belligerent in the space of two drinks.)

How do you cope with housework? I do it when I have to (which is to say when actually doing it becomes less painful than Julie's nagging.)
Do you enjoy cooking? I really enjoy cooking (I got this from my mom who shows her love for family and friends through her cooking.)
Are you a warm person? Not really warm (but I'm REALLY warm on the inside.)
Do you get angry? Very Often (I share the streets with thousands of gawking tourists - can you blame me? That and at the grocery store when people can't return shopping carts or won't bag their own groceries....ggrrrrr!)

How often do you like to go out? Once a week (if that - despite all the tourists staying in Sedona on any given night, nightlife of any caliber is very thin on the ground here in Red Rock country.)
Do you enjoy eating English food? Yes (I was surprised to see this question. English food is such a long running joke I thought the query about as likely as 'do you like to go to the Dentist?' Being both patriotic and a fan of vinegar on my chips, I had no choice but to say yes.)
T.V. Interests? Documentary; News; Comedy/sitcoms (or I can get all three in one tidy package by watching Dateline NBC - the Cotton Candy of television.)

So you're intrigued. I've caught your eye and you want to begin the dance d'amour...ok, maybe not. For all of you who don't know me (how did you find this site?) follow along on this journey and perhaps you will. For you who do know me, send your e-mail address to nigel@travelingarmchair.com because I need you to explain a few things about me to me...

*'my' being Googleyes, 87, female, Alabama.

**No, I no longer date. I am very happily married but false modesty prevented me from choosing what I thought important to tell you about myself. Instead I thought it best to see what others deem necessary input for judging a person date-worthy. The answers are chosen from a list of five or six possible options and my elaboration is inside the brackets.

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