Welcome to travelingarmchair.com, a collection of stories and images from the seat of our around the world traveling armchair. This site was updated on June 5, 2002 from Paris. 282 days on the go....

Our three weeks in Egypt are over and we have departed relatively unscathed (physically, anyway). Our short foray into the Arab world has yielded loads of wonderful pictures (if we may say so ourselves), a few funny stories and one or two off-the-radar conspiracy theories about the September 11 "accident". The conspiracy theories related to us cannot be related to you here. I have a Green Card renewal coming up and I don't want to spoil my chances by upsetting the Mossad, the CIA and the Zionist shadow government of the USA.

The new Egypt pictures are here in the gallery while the stories are under the notes category. The Egyptians are friendly and chatty on the whole, so we have new conversations from Mohammed in Cairo and another Mohammed in Alexandria.

So, anyhoo . . . we are settling down in Paris where we will be conducting in depth research over the next two months. Our suffering will be your gain for we intend to put to rest once and for all the question on everyone's lips,

"Do the health benefits of drinking copious amounts of red wine really counteract the detriments of eating large quantities of cheese, croissants and steak tartar?"

Our first research trip took us to Normandy. You'll find some pictures here on the France page. To support this admirable and important project, you can make your checks payable to ...

Julie and Nigel Snow

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. We've started the task of updating the gallery pages to the new format. If you haven't looked through our
China, Vietnam, and USA Galleries yet, they have all new powerful caption action (with flavor crystals!) so there's no time like the present.


What have we done since our last update?

May 1 - Struck poses in front of the pyramids ~ as required by Egyptian law.

May 5 - Subjected Julie to unwanted flirtation ~ as required by Egyptian custom

May 15 - Frolicked atop sand dunes in the Western desert ~ as required by the Egyptian ministry of amazing fun




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